Live 2023

TRAMHAUS + BANDIT BANDIT Urban Spree, Berlin am 24.09.23

Sonntag 24.09.23
Einlass: 20:00 Uhr, Beginn: 21:00 Uhr
Urban Spree, Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin




Tramhaus is the daring postpunk sensation from the restless and ever-innovative city of Rotterdam. In the span of its relatively short existence, Tramhaus has managed to make name far beyond the borders of their hometown. Marked by their joyous and energetic experience, the band has proven to be able to convey this message both in live and recorded settings. The music of Tramhaus feels like a soundtrack to a vivacious, mysterious and dangerous story. There is no room to lean back as the band takes you with them in a drag race full of emotions and euphoria driven by streamlined, fiery songs mixed with fragile and abstract tones. This whole spectacle is fuelled by the near-symbiotic relationship between the five bandmembers.



Rock, but beyond the musical genre. Revealed a few seasons ago thanks to the abrasive potential of their riffs, the duo consisting of Maëva & Hugo imposes its musical genre, as well as an insolent ease to handle the French language, thanks to their amazing first album, 11:11.

In 2019 comes the first show, the first music video, the first studio session. The name “Bandit Bandit” was born during a photo shoot with a friend, in a desert landscape, wearing scarves, boots and pistols. As for the repetition of Bandit, it is to better underline the duality of the project which, very quickly, found its own public, thanks to tracks as striking as "Maux", the first french-written one, and an imagination which incites the press to nickname them the Bonnie & Clyde of rock.

After two electrifying EPs, Bandit Bandit and Tachycardie, the duet needed to go and "explore further than the rock-genre itself" on a 11:11 realized by Azzedine Djelil (Rita Mitsouko, Catherine Ringer, Minuit, Lulu Van Trapp...). To mix music genres, to cultivate pop music with all its amplitude, as a guiding thread between raw rock and the more sophisticated alternative style. Until now self-centered and cathartic, the texts of Bandit Bandit remain intimate on 11:11 while proving to be political, freed from prudishness, playing with words. Their unrestrained music resonates loudly throughout an album with a devouring desire as insatiable as contagious.