I MONSTER Lido, Berlin am 12.04.24

Freitag 12.04.24
Einlass: 19:00 Uhr, Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
Lido, Cuvrystr. 7, 10997 Berlin

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«It was never the plan to do a hit single,» says Jarrod Gosling, one half of I Monster along with Dean Honer. «We were just mucking about in the studio.» Experimenting, innovating and having fun in the studio with the results unexpectedly taking off has become the blueprint story for this Sheffield duo. From their 2001 track ‘Daydream in Blue’ going top 20 and featuring on endless films, TV shows and adverts, to twenty years later their song ‘Who is She?’ becoming a global TikTok sensation and racking up hundreds of millions of plays, the pair have consistently managed to create wonky electronic pop that feels simultaneously fresh and timeless.
2001’s ‘Daydream in Blue’, a beautifully woozy, unfurling and dreamy piece of pop music that samples The Gunter Kallmann Choir's version of The Wallace Collection's ‘Daydream’ was a re-worked track from their debut album, These Are Our Children, that laid the foundations for their 2003 acclaimed breakthrough album Neveroddoreven. A 20th anniversary reissue of the record is set for March 2024, complete with an entire album’s worth of additional material unearthed from the original album sessions.